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About Birch & Beam

About Us

There is nothing more fulfilling to us than handing you the keys and saying, “Welcome Home.”

Home, and its amazing ability to be a sanctuary serves as the foundation and passion behind what we do here at Birch & Beam. As a husband and wife team, we view home-building as sacred work, something both intimate and monumental in the lives of our clients.

We approach each project as a singular piece, building in custom touches that make it your home. Our journey with clients is an ongoing conversation. And if we’re honest, we love connecting with homeowners just as much as creating the home itself. A smooth process coupled with clear communication is the hallmark of our service. We want to make the path to your new home as enjoyable as possible. 

We love salads fresh from our garden, reading a real page-turner, and touring quaint towns together. But most of all, we feel enormous satisfaction in getting the details right. As parents of three children, we deeply understand the meaning of “home.” It’s the safe place where you prop your feet up after a hard day. It’s a space to gather and make memories. It is where you are your true self. 

That’s why we’re committed to creating hand-crafted homes of heirloom quality. As a true craftsman, Delmer holds a deep passion for his work, puts great care into his artistry, and pays close attention to the fine details. The result is functionality and durability that exceeds anything mass-produced. Throughout every inch of a Birch & Beam home, you can detect the hand of a master craftsman, dedicated to his work and proud of his product. Junita excels at communicating with warmth and efficiency. She handles all email correspondence and plays a huge part in all client meetings. Keeping clients in-the-know and easing worry is her top priority.

When we partner with clients, they get the very best of us - our whole selves. We couldn’t do it any other way. And you shouldn’t expect anything less. Hearing our clients rave about our work or remark about how stress-free the process is the best compliment. Getting the chance to stand in front of a home and know that we built it...that’s a feeling like no other. 

Delmer & Junita Bender


Birch & Beam feels proud to welcome Cliff Kauffman into the role of Project Manager. As our second full-time team member, Cliff brings a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry as well as administrative gifts. For the past 10 years, Cliff owned and operated his own construction business with a special focus on finish carpentry. With a craftsman’s eye, Cliff is passionate about doing things “right the first time.” He stays on the cutting edge of trends and continues to develop his expertise in the building sciences. 

As a husband and devoted father to three boys, Cliff spends time adventuring in the great outdoors. He always loves learning new things and reading. Cliff is also a guy with his head in the clouds - literally. He’s a pilot hobbyist and dreams of flying again soon. We feel beyond thrilled to have Cliff as a part of our team.    

Cliff Kauffman