What are we passionate about at Birch & Beam? The whole package. Contractors have a bad reputation, and we are here to turn that around by setting the bar high! We aim to please every step of the way, whether we’re working on bringing new life to a space with a renovation or building your […]

“May your home always be too small to hold all of your friends.”

What does “custom” mean to you? Like many words in these days of relativism & redefinitions, the word custom is used fairly loosely and interchangeably among many types of builders. Everyone likes to think they are a quality, custom builder, providing exactly what the “custom”er wants, but unfortunately this is not always the case. In […]

Are you as a home owner ready to take that next step? Maybe you love your current location and are making plans to do an extensive renovation to upgrade your space. Maybe the thought of wrapping up summer has you reevaluating your outdoor living areas and how you can make them more user friendly for […]

“It’s not that High Performance Houses cost too much; it’s that our idea of of a fairly priced new home is based on a history of building houses to meet embarrassingly low performance benchmarks.” Steve Baczek (Architect)

Did you know? CBC (California Building Code) 1008.1.6 states that thresholds for “other” (than exterior) doors cannot exceed .5”. Now, clearly, we don’t live or do business in California, but it does make sense that you want minimum trip hazards as you walk through life. Seamless transitions also provide a much more professional and clean […]

Is dimensional lumber becoming a thing of the past? Opinions vary, but statistics show that, yes, with a tight building envelope, there are more pros than cons of working with engineered lumber and perhaps using dimensional lumber will become a thing of the past. There has certainly been a major uptick in the amount of […]

Does a house need to breathe?  What a question! Probably one that has sparked more controversy in the construction industry than any other. Here are 5 reasons you need to Build Tight and Ventilate Right. Codes. New houses today need to meet more stringent building codes than they did 30-40 years ago and for good […]

At Birch & Beam our detailed, authentic care for our clients begins with that first point of contact, whether it be a phone call or an email. Taking that first step in selecting a contractor you can trust to be your custom home builder can be intimidating. But we like to make it easy. Prior […]

Do you know what sets us apart? We establish and carry out our Gold Standards to provide clients with peace of mind. By using only the best materials and attending to every detail, we produce first-rate homes of unsurpassed quality. We go above and beyond in every way so that the journey of building your […]